Kitchen appliances everyone should own

Can you get by with just a fridge and a stove or a microwave? Probably yes. But you are not going to have an easy time doing that. Technology has come a long way in the last years and it would be a waste if we didn’t take advantage of that. Makers are constantly coming up with products that are making spending time in the kitchen a delight rather than a chore. Here are some kitchen appliances that you should consider purchasing if you don’t own them already.

Coffee maker

It might not seem easy to find a person that doesn’t use a coffee maker but yes, these people still exist. Some people think that having a separate appliance just to make one kind of beverage is a waste of space and money but coffee makers have changed a lot since the time they were first invented. Nowadays you can get coffee makers that are able to brew you that perfect cup of espresso and many other kinds of coffee, such as lattes, frappuccinos or moccas. The variety is truly overwhelming. However, it’s completely fine if you don’t feel the need for these fancy features. If a regular cup of joe is your thing then a regular pot coffee maker will fulfill that purpose without breaking a bank. Remember to always check the capacity of such coffee makers to make sure you get what you need. Check out these 4 Cup Coffee Maker reviews to make an informed choice.

Food processor

Food processors are able to quickly cut ingredients into tiny pieces. You won’t need to do any chopping once you have a food processor at your disposal. They’re your friend when it comes to blending potatoes into a puree, finely grinding oats into gluten-free flour, making crumbs from cookies to use as a base for your next cheesecake and many more. Food processors often come with different blade attachments so that you can get different results depending on what you are cooking. For example, my food processor has an attachment for whisking egg whites into fluffiness which is very useful when baking cakes or frying pancakes. Some come with blender blades that allow you to blend food into a delicious sauce or a creamy soup.

Meat slicer

Meat slicers will are wonderful machines that will make any slicing job a breeze. And the best thing about them is that contrary to the name, most of them are also able to slice other food as well – bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables. A meat slicer can be used to cut these ingredients into your desired thickness while also saving you the time and labor it would cost to do it yourself. Check out Internet reviews to make sure that you use the best meat slicer possible. People successfully slice steaks, onions and blocks of cheese. This is a truly versatile machine and it’s worth saving up for. Paired with a food processor, they will make you never reach for a knife again.

You don’t need to own each of these appliances but we truly believe that they will make your life easier.