Double Sleeping Bags – Things you should know before you buy

Why would you need a Double Sleeping Bag?

Just close your eyes and imagine a beautiful dark sky you are near a fire on a campsite, you are with the one you love and it is one of the best moments of your life. You have a double sleeping bag and you snuggle in the cold romantic night. A great spectacle in the wild with the one you love by your side. But where double sleeping bags provide a romantic feel there are some things you ought to know before buying them:

  • A roomy bag can keep you both comfortable using your combined body warmth, give you room to move and stretch out without interrupting romance.
  • It is usually more cost-effective than buying individual sleeping bags of same quality. But the reason to buy a double sleeping bag is that it makes camping like sleeping in bed at home—that just may help a someone pursuit their partner to go outside more often.
  • Double sleeping bags are inseparable so one of you has to do most of the lifting. So, bags buy the one that has less weight and that won’t cover most of your car space.
  • Most of them are not very efficient in keeping cold out at all times. For instance, if during a cold night one of you rolls on the other side a pocket of cold air will be filled in the space between, that could be particularly unpleasant during a cold night. So, a double sleeping bag having a brushed-cotton lining is better since it can trap more heat.
  • Some bags have a integrated sleeping-pad pocket that stops your significant other from sliding off the bag while sleeping. Another problem is when couples fight each other and possibly gravity to stay on the slippery bag.
  • For some people pillows are more important for a good sleep than others, so we recommend that you prefer a bag with pillows if you are comfortable with them.

Aside from this, the maintenance of the bag is fairly easy since hard washing of machine can be avoided when a wet cloth can be used for spot cleaning, the bags can be simply wiped using a cloth. But if you have camped on a sticky and muddy terrain you should wash sleeping bags inside a bathtub. Or in a washing machine using cold water and gentle soaps. While some bags have a strong fabric that can withstand a hard stony terrain some of them are easily torn apart, so choose a bag with good fabric strength.

Camping and hiking are two of the most healthy activities, especially for families and couples. So, a double sleeping bag provides the home-like comfort under the beautiful open landscape. When sleeping inside a double sleeping bag, most of the warmth comes from the bodies, but still we recommend that before you buy one check for the inner cotton-lining and prefer soft, skin-friendly material. In conclusion, choose a bag that is soft but still warm and does not spoil your romantic camping trip.